The Night of Science encourages wonder and discovery

The Night of Science takes place on the 12th of January 2023 in multiple locations around Helsinki. The night will be filled with workshops, presentations, film screenings, pub quizzes and more!

The diverse events of the Night of Science give you the chance to hear, see and experience science in many ways. This year the events are organized by 76 contributors from the fields of science and research. Several events are in English. Many events are also online.

Coolhead brewery in Viikki will host a series of short presentations by postdoctoral researchers. The event will cover diverse topics such as salmon diet, silencing pathogenic organisms, pigment cells and species evolution. Later by the Senate square professor Vincenzo Cerullo will shed light on the future of cancer treatment and the functioning of the immune system. Through innovative approaches it may be possible to trick the body into fighting tumors more effectively. Can viruses be dressed up to fool cancer cells?

Epätarkka kuva lavalla olevista puhujista.

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies will organize a panel discussion on narratives of contemporary Russia, with a screening of an excerpt from Adam Curtis’s film Russia 1985–1999: TraumaZone. The Collegium also invites guests to an open office hour to discuss research with Collegium fellows. Nearby in Kruununhaka the bilingual program of the Faculty of Social Science will include a presentation on victimhood. What does stronger identification with victimhood mean for democracy and peace, especially if victimhood is claimed by the majority population?

In Kamppi the pressing topics of the night will be the green transition and justice, which will be tackled in presentations and a panel discussion. Is it possible to transition into an ecologically sustainable way of life in a way that is inclusive and fair to everyone? This question will be approached from a legal perspective.

All of the events are free of charge*. The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies is responsible for the event’s coordination and communications.


*The following events require prior registration: Selittävä tekijä: Ihmistieteellinen tutkimus ja tutkijat lavalla; Kasvitieteen kuninkaalliset puitteet – kasvimuseon avoimet ovet