A Two-Faced Challenge: Is Sustainability Always Sustainable?

Urban event
17.30 - 19.00
University of Helsinki’s Main building, Studium 1 (F3020)
Fabianinkatu 33

Sustainable initiatives frequently cause unintended consequences, commonly referred to as the ‘sustainability paradox’. The panel discussion offers multidisciplinary perspectives on the challenges associated with sustainability paradoxes: panelists and the audience will exchange insights and experiences to not only adjust current practices but also to redefine sustainability within their respective fields. The panelists are doctoral researcher Riina Bhatia, professor Michiru Nagatsu, senior researcher Silvia Gaiani, and university lecturer Laura Riuttanen. The panel is moderated by doctoral researcher Eugenia Castellazzi.

The event venue is accessible. The capacity of the event venue is 48 people. 

The organizer: Una Europa