Sandlines, The Story of History – Film Screening and Discussion

Urban event
17.30 - 21.00
Finnkino Maxim 1
Kluuvikatu 1

Come and watch Francis Alÿs’ film about a hundred years of Iraqi history. In Sandlines, the children of a village near Mosul revisit the past, and reenact it, from the secret Sykes-Picot agreement (1916) to the Islamic State’s reign of terror (2016). The film will be shown twice, with an expert discussion between screenings. The soundtrack is in Arabic, with English subtitles.


17.30–17.40: Foreword 

Executive director, curator Paula Toppila (IHME Helsinki). 

17.40–18.40: Sandlines, the Story of History (Iraq 2018–2020) 61:00 min, first screening 

18.40–18.50: Break 

18.50–19.20: Discussion with experts 

Artist and curator Ahmed Al-Nawas and doctoral researcher Bruno Jäntti (University of Helsinki).

19.20–19.30: Break 

19.30–20.30: Sandlines, The Story of History (Iraq 2018–2020) 61:00 min, second screening 

The event venue is not accessible. Maxim cinema is accessible by wheelchair directly from the main entrance. There are two flights of stairs to the disabled toilet. The toilet and Maxim 1 can be reached by wheelchair using the stairlift. The maximum total weight on the stairlift is 300 kg. Maxim 1 has no steps on its lower (stalls) level. The balcony has several steps. It also has a safety rail in front of each row of seats, which might interfere with shorter customers’ field of vision. The capacity of the venue is 159 people. 

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The organizer: IHME Helsinki