The Night of Science at CoolHead: Communication, Evolution and Adaptation

Urban event
18.00 - 19.45
Coolhead brewery (Gardenia Main building)
Koetilantie 1

For the year of Sivistys, our postdoctoral researchers from the University of Helsinki Viikki campus will share and discuss their latest research at CoolHead brewery: from the life of insects to the importance of soils and going through what you can not see with Arctic zooplankton or cancer cells. 


18.05–18.20: Insects evolving under human influences 

Postdoctoral researcher Audrey Bras (HiLIFE, University of Helsinki). 

18.25–18.40: Soils and climate change 

Postdoctoral researcher Eva Kanari (University of Helsinki). 

18.45–19.00: Why do we live in groups? Insights into cooperation within a group in two insect species. 

Postdoctoral researcher Sophie Van Meyel (Insect Ecology and Adaptation group, University of Helsinki). 

19.05–19.20: Endoplasmic reticulum stress and calcium signaling in cancer cells 

Postdoctoral researcher Muhammad Yasir Asghar (Cell and Tissue Dynamics Research Program, University of Helsinki). 

19.25–19.40: To see or not to see - photobiology of Arctic zooplankton

Postdoctoral researcher Martta Viljanen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Helsinki).

The event space is accessible. The capacity of the event venue is 70 people. 

The organizer: Viikki Postdoctoral Association supported by the Institute of Biotechnology