Principles of safer spaces during the Night of Science

The event organizers of the Night of Science commit to following the principles of safer spaces in the events they organize.

Everyone has the right to participate in the events of the Night of Science without experiencing any discrimination related to their ethnicity, skin colour, gender, language, religion, national or ethnical origin, assets or origin of birth.Everyone is also entitled to feel safe at the events without the fear of being discriminated against or harassed sexually, physically or verbally.

To realise these safer spaces principles, our event applies the guidelines of a safer space.

Guidelines of a safer space

  • meet others as equals: give space to discussions, listen to others and be open to their diversity and their differing views
  • express your differing views constructively and calmly, focusing on the facts
  • recognise your own biases and critically examine your own thinking
  • recognise your own position of power in relation to others
  • talk about your own experiences, not on behalf of others
  • if you notice any discrimination, harassment or inappropriate behavior, notify the event organizer
  • apologize if you hurt or insult the other party
  • make sure that you take photographs or video of the event only after receiving permission.