Fact or fiction: Will AI save us?

Urban event
19.00 - 21.00
University of Helsinki Main Building, 4th floor
Unioninkatu 34

Can AI reverse climate change, make us healthier, help us preserve our traditions? In this event we challenge our collective fears and assumptions about AI and its impact on our lives. We have invited a panel of interdisciplinary speakers addressing AI from the perspective of humanities, social sciences, sustainability, health sciences and more. We also present the Una Europa MOOC: AI in Society.


18.45: Doors open

19.00: Official welcome

19.05: Interdisciplinary panel discussion: Fact or fiction: Will AI save us?

19.50: Una Europa MOOC: AI in Society

20.00: Informal discussion, learn more about AI in Society MOOC, learn more about Una Europa and share your new learnings in AI

21.00: Thank you!

Organizer: Una Europa, University of Helsinki